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Business Card Holders

Dock Ur Docs®
  • Displays & Dispenses Business Cards & Brochures
  • Magnetically Attaches To Any Metal Surface
  • Attach Your Dock Ur Docs To Cars, Boats, Signs, Doors, & Store Fronts
  • Weather Resistant To Protect Documents
  • Permanently Attaches To Smooth Surfaces

Dock Ur Docs

Dock Ur Docs® Marketing Products


Dock Ur Docs® is all about helping businesses generate new leads at a very low cost. Dock Ur Docs® makes it easier for the potential client in the parking lot to get your information while you are inside a building eating, having a business meeting, making a delivery or even at the show.

Dock Ur Docs® Marketing Products

Dock Ur Docs® Marketing Products


Our Mission:

As a company with several marketing products and services, we would like to extend Devine Abundance to all those that purchase our products and/or services. Dock Ur Docs is one marketing device that makes that possible. With these marketing products leads generate all by themselves. What more can a business owner want?


About Company and Owner:

Computer Construction Company is the owner of Dock Ur Docs® and we reserve all rights of the patent, trademark, and copyright information of Dock Ur Docs®. Computer Construction Company is a search engine optimization SEO firm based in Atlanta Georgia and is owned and operated by Durenda Wood.

Computer Construction Company was founded in 2001, due to the needs of the company Durenda Wood invented Dock Ur Docs® to market her business and to help other businesses with these marketing products. Durenda Wood has been in sales for over 30 years and has taken her talents to the Internet with Computer Construction Company.

She has also invented an online business directory that put businesses in the natural results of the search engines. You can visit this directory at


Dock Ur Docs Marketing Products

Business Card Holders | Dock Ur Docs® Uses

Our unique business card holders can be attached to cars, store fronts or even the end of a table. We have one company using our brochure holders on busses for when people are getting on the bus. It is a new stream of revenue for them.



Business Card Holders | Brochure Holders

Business Card Holders | Brochure Holders


Business Card Holders | Magnetic Business Card Holders | Outdoor Business Card Holders

Dock Ur Docs® are made of a thick sturdy vinyl allowing it to adhere to the curve of your car. The front wall of the pockets extends above the documents and when the flap is in a closed state, it creates a enclosed seam preventing weather elements from entering the pocket where your documents are located. Another preventative step we have taking, is the flap protecting the pocket is constructed with a magnetic closing device allowing it to close with no supervision to protect your documents.

  • Cars/Trucks – Advertise services or products and multiple businesses (before and after pictures can be displayed in brochures)
  • Boats – Advertise different businesses related to boat’s services (fishing guide, hotels, bait stores) for clients to reference once on land. Advertise boats for sale
  • Store Fronts – Advertise your business’s services or products for window shoppers
  • Political Campaigns – Place signage to represent politician up for election anywhere outside
  • Restaurant – Display or provide menus outside
  • Real Estate – Provide description on the sign in the front yard for sale sign. Provide contact information for realtor. Provide descriptions for other properties listed similar to the one that people are at. Easy to see when it is empty so it can be refilled
  • Multi-business owner – Display and dispense advertising material for all of your businesses
  • Church and ministries – Church information and the Sunday sermon message for passersby
  • Shelters – Provide descriptions of services such as check in time, meal times, information for other establishments related to the service of that shelter
  • Pet shelter – List of pets for adoption, when services are going to be provided, upcoming events
  • Special Events – Not only can you promote your business throughout the event but offer coupons to bring back with a discount by presenting the documents used at the event
  • Cabs – Display business advertisements and schedules
  • Buses – Display business advertisements and schedule Schools – Information about school events, lunch menus
  • School Buses – Information about the route for the parent
  • Club house – Display advertisements about amenities, room rental, and additional services
  • Funeral homes – Display and dispense directions to churches or to grave site
  • Apartments – Provide information for different size apartments and amenities
  • Vacations – Beach, lakefront, and mountain getaways
  • Taxi Cabs – Can sell advertisement space and charge for keeping it full of documents
  • Dealerships – Can place one on automobiles, boats, campers, etc. so that shoppers can take a brochure with them
  • Golf Tournaments – Golfers do not carry pen and paper during a tournament if you have a sign at a hole provide them with your business card to stick in their pocket
  • Galleries – Upcoming events and artists
  • Whole sale – Sign shops (can offer to put this on magnetic signs), business card print shops, office supply stores, stores where blue collar workers frequent, paint stores, etc.

If you believe you have to generate every warm lead yourself; you are wrong. These business card holders do work and you do get contacted by the dispensing of your business information. It does not matter if you are at a business meeting, the movies, or out to eat. Your car can be a sales rep for your company, with little effort on your part.



Business Card Holders | Magnetic Business Card Holders | Outdoor Business Card Holders | Dock Ur Docs® Uses


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Small Business of the Month!

Small Business of the Month!

The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce awarded us "Small Business of the Month" in January of 2012.

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